Eastern Delight Cider




Eastern DelightStatistics: 7.1% ABV

Available in draught (5,10 and 20 litres) and in 500ml bottles.


The 'eastern counties' tradition of making cider uses just desert and culinary apples. This results in a light fruity cider with an acidic kick; perfect for a hot summer day! Eastern Delight follows this tradition, using high quality desert apples sourced locally - making it Hampshire born and bred.


Eastern Delight has won several awards locally, including 'Gold medal' at the CAMRA Winchester Ale and Cider Festival 2014 and 2013. It has also won 'Cider of the Festival' at the CAMRA Southampton Beer Fesitval 2012.


All 146 Cider Company ciders are full juice (<98%), and contain sulphites (to help preserve the cider and to control things).

At 146 Cider, we are very proud of our heritage methods and high quality cider. To demonstrate this, we publish the ingredients not only on the labels but also as an archive to this website. If you have a bottle in front of you, check out the archive to see what went in to it.



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