Medium/Medium Dry Ciders




MediumdryAlthough originally offering only dry versions of our blends, we now offer a medium dry and medium version of our popular Hampshire Heritage.

Hampshire Heritage is made from over 25 varieties of cider and desert varieties, blended as a 50/50 mix to give what we like to think as a Hampshire style of cider; a cider that has a moderate tannin and body whilst retaining a good sharpness too. It is easy drinking whilst packing a punch.

This cider is made from cider and desert apples sourced from a single heritage orchard near Southampton, making it truly Hampshire born and bred.

It is available either in draught (traditionally still), or in bottle (naturally bottle conditioned). As a traditionally made cider, expect a small amount of yeast sediment in bottles, or a slightly hazy draught.

All 146 Cider Company ciders are full juice (<98%), and contain sulphites (to help preserve the cider and to control things).


The 146 Medium cider won 'Silver medal' at the CAMRA Winchester Ale and Cider Festival 2014, beaten into 2nd place by Eastern Delight.


At 146 Cider, we are very proud of our heritage methods and high quality cider. To demonstrate this, we publish the ingredients not only on the labels but also as an archive to this website. If you have a bottle in front of you, check out the archive to see what went in to it.



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