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Based in Southampton, 146 Cider Company uses locally sourced fruit to produce high quality ciders.

JezSince 2010, Jez Howat has turned what was once a hobby into a growing small-scale producer of high quality heritage ciders; winning accolades and awards along the way. What you see now is the work of over a decade of practice.

Our methods differ little from the heritage cider makers throughout ciders long history in England. Washing and milling the apples, we use a 'rack and cloth' press to extract the juice, before treating with sulphar (OK, its modern day equivalent) and allowing natural flora of yeast to slowly ferment the juice into cider.

Every 146 cider has a juice content greater than 98%. In fact, we are so proud of the ciders provenance that we publish what goes in not only on the label, but also as an archive on this website.

146 Cider Company is a member of the South West of England Cidermakers Association and Jez Howat is the cider contact for South Hants CAMRA branch.

Jez's other interests:

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