2012 - Mild West Cider



Vital Statistics
Style Medium Dry, West Country style cider
ABV 6.2% Vol. (3.1 units)
Available Draught - 5, 10, 20 litre Bag in Box; 500ml Bottle Conditioned


2012 Mild West

OK, its a bit of a pun! Quite simply, Mild West is the medium dry version of Wild West.

Wild West, the base blend for Mild West, is a traditional western style of cider made 100% from cider apple varieties. It is a dry cider, with a good measure of tannin coming from the fruit and little acidity - making it drier and more full bodied than the other 146 ciders

The fruit for Mild West in 2012 came from the Roger's Orchard, just north of Bridport and another orchard in Somerset was used for its bitter sharp apples. These have made the cider less drying and tannic - giving it a more lauid back taste. Also, because the sugar levels in the fruit were lower than normal, some Egremont Russet (from Hill Farm, Hampshire) was used to provide an acidic base in order to protect the cider.

Strong Orchard

The varieties used to make Mild West cider were:

The cider was pressed during November and December of 2012 and blended during fermentation (using natural yeast).