2011 - Hampshire Heritage Cider



Vital Statistics
Style 'Off' Dry, Hampshire style (50/50 dessert/cider)

7% vol. (3.5 units)

Available Draught - 5, 10, 20 litre Bag in Box; 500ml Bottle Conditioned


2011 Hampshire Heritage

Hampshire Heritage is the orignial '146 Cider', although the name changed to Hampshire Heritage as it was considered too confusing!

The cider is made from over 25 cider and desert varieties of apples, blended as a 50/50 mix to give what we refer to as a 'Hampshire style of cider'. This blend produces a near dry cider that has plenty of tannin and body whilst retaining a good sharpness - stopping it from being bone dry.

This cider is exclusively made from cider and desert apples sourced from orchards near Southampton, making it a truly Hampshire born and bred cider.

The 2011 season Hampshire Heritage contained:

These were made up from the following varieties:

For the 2011 season, the major taste/profile change to Hampshire Heritage was to abandon Bramley in favour of allowing the desert varieties to provide the acid. This has resulted in the tannins becoming more distinct and the acid more subtle and rounded. Fermentation was via natural yeast and was pressed from September through to December 2011.