2012 - Cariads Marvellous Cider



Vital Statistics
Style Dry, Single Variety Cider (Egremont Russet)
ABV 7.6% Vol. (3.8 units)
Available 500ml Bottle Conditioned (500 bottles)


Cariads Marvellous Cider

Cariad's Marvellous Cider is a single variety Egremont Russet cider. No adjustments or taming, just a charismatic cider with bite and the noticeable nutty profile of Egremont.

This is a very special cider. My daughter, Cariad, who lives with a form of muscular dystrophy called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (type 1) made it. Well, not exactly all of it - she chose the apples, helped mill apples and then helped press them.

Cariad also chose the name, designed the label (within certain guidelines) and even drew a beautiful picture which adorns each bottle. And the number on the bottle... she wrote that too (she does like giving things the personal touch!)

This cider is produced and sold to raise money for Cariad and the Cariad Rose Trust - which aims to provide her with experiences, equipment and 'stuff' that will help make her life as normal as possible and as enriched as she can take.

Click here for information about the Cariad Road Trust

The cider was pressed in November 2012 and fermented over winter using wild yeasts.